Proposed Development at 630 Princess

I’m concerned about the condo development planned for 630 Princess by Patry Inc. Development and urge people to write to FoTenn, the agent for Patry Inc. and to Patry Inc. themselves with their concerns and questions. Upon my first attempt at contacting FoTenn with questions, they sent them to the city. The city then said they would forward comments to FoTenn and Patry Inc. Development, so it appears as though it is a complete run-around. I have since contacted both FoTenn and Patry about this and have received no response. lists contacts for the Kingston office, or general delivery is Patry Inc. Development is at Email

My concern is that the development will turn Nelson St. into a higher-traffic area, as the 21-car condo parking will enter and exit on Nelson, to reduce traffic on Princess. Nelson residents are being put aside for the greater good of improving Princess, and the city supports this. Read the city report on it, Report pc-10-069, File D14-188-2010 at the city site. If you can’t find it, ask the city to email it to you. You can leave a general message at the city site. Ask them to send it to the planning dept.

Another concern is for the trees on the site. I have asked for details regarding th plans for the trees, but neither the City nor FoTenn have replied. Patry Inc. Development is the same group that tried that giant Frontenac St. development that was eventually rejected at the OMB. Let’s make them accountable again.