Heart of Williamsville

Dear Neighbours,

As we continue to watch the events unfold in Williamsville this week, our thoughts are with the owners and employees of businesses and agencies and residents who were displaced, and those who continue to be so. We are thankful that no lives were lost, but the magnitude of the fire and associated damage will have a profound impact on Williamsville that will be felt for a long time.

Our gratitude goes to the emergency responders, not only from Kingston, but also our neighbouring municipalities, as well as Utilities Kingston and City of Kingston staff for their herculean efforts to avert tragedy.

We encourage everyone to continue supporting Williamsville businesses and services in what ever way you can, and we wish everyone safe travels over the holidays.

If you are able to assist financially, donations in support of those who have been evacuated can be made through this link to the city’s web page.

Assistance for the residents of Legion Villa would also be appreciated.
Contact info for Legion Villa:
Darlene Lightfoot – Administrator
Royal Canadian Legion
613-544-2008, rclv@kingston.net

In this season of giving, let’s all strive to help our neighbours a little

Williamsville Community Association
representing Businesses, Agencies & Residents