April is Here

Dear Neighbours,

Now that April is here, we are seeing an increase in activities, particularly outdoor. With so much happening, here are some things to to take note of:

1. Monday April 14 – Williamsville Community Association Annual Town Hall Meeting – starting at 7:00pm at St. Luke’s Church Hall on Nelson Street at Princess.

There will be two presentations, one by KEDCO and the second by Podium Developments, on their vision and ideas for our Williamsville Main Street. As part of this we will have a breakout session and opportunity to discuss issues and concerns. The agenda is as follows:

7:00: Intros & welcome, WCA update, Membership presentation
7:30: KEDCO’s vision for Williamsville – Donna Gillespie
7:50: Podium’s plans for mainstreet – Bernard Luttmer
8:15: Breakout sessions
8:30: Report back on key items
8:40: General questions
9:00: The End

We hope you will join us for this opportunity to hear about what is happening in Williamsville and to voice your ideas and opinions.

2. Williamsville reconstruction schedule update – work has begun. Here is the most recent update from the City. If you are not on the update email list, please contact Derek Ochej at the numbers below or email dochej@cityofkingston.ca.

This is a friendly reminder from the City of Kingston Engineering Department that the first phase of the Williamsville reconstruction project will be starting on Monday April 7th. Below is the most current work schedule for the first phase of the project:

  • Starting Monday April 7th until late April the intersection of Macdonnell Street and Princess Street will be closed to traffic. Detours for Princess Street traffic will be set up at Drayton Avenue and Alfred Street. Local traffic for deliveries and customers will be allowed to pass through the detours to access businesses and signage will be placed indicating businesses remain open.
  • In late April, once work is completed in the intersection of Macdonnell Street and Princess Street, the intersection will be re-opened to traffic and the detour route will move from Alfred Street to Macdonnell Street. Crews will continue work on Princess Street between Macdonnell Street and the Medical Arts Pharmacy until mid-May before moving to the second phase of the reconstruction.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or phone (613-328-2509).

Derek Ochej, City of Kingston- Public Works Services Public Education and Promotion Coordinator (613) 546-4291 ext 2703

3. Road closures starting Monday April 7th – several in Williamsville and adjacent area.

  • Princess Street from Macdonnell to Tower Street until Tuesday June 24th
  • Palace Road from Carruthers Ave. to Park Street until Tuesday April 29th
  • Barbara Avenue from Division to Alfred Cr. until Tuesday June 17th

4. Contact info for 663 Princess Street (Victoria and Princess) – we have been advised that if you have issues with anything happening at the Princess and Victoria Street property, besides contacting the city, you can also contact on-site personnel at 613-246-3018 or kevan@stelmachpm.com.

5. Wednesday April 9th – St. Luke’s Bridge and Luncheon starting at noon at 236 Nelson Street. Only $10 per person. Call 613-542-5501 or 613-548-3096 to reserve your table.

6. Our Neighbourhood update – The following message is from Our Neighbourhood regarding the recent OMB hearing.

The key issue at stake during this Hearing was whether the policies of the Official Plan for the City of Kingston are sufficient to protect the stability of existing neighbourhoods throughout the City. The application under Appeal proposes to insert a high density residential building (at 118 units per net hectare) in the midst of the Sunnyside neighbourhood (Our Neighbourhood) which has enjoyed ongoing stability under the current A Zoning (at 30 units per net hectare) for the past 38 years. A decision to deny our Appeal (ie. approve By-law 2013-152) will confirm that the Official Plan needs amendment if it is to achieve one of its primary goals of protecting stable neighbourhoods.

We believe that the current Official Plan (prepared at an estimated cost of $10 Million), which conforms to both the 2005 and 2014 Provincial Policy Statements, contains a commitment to protect neighbourhood stability and guidelines to achieve City housing intensification targets through appropriate infill within neighbourhoods. The developer and the City argued that the Application was located in an area of transition while we argued that the area was stable and that the proposal constitutes a serious destabilizing influence. We also pointed out that, if the area is found to be in transition, an amendment to the Official Plan is required, presumably to establish guidelines for the type and intensity of anticipated new development. The City produced no credible evidence to demonstrate that the area is in transition while our evidence confirmed neighbourhood stability. We fail to understand why the City chose to stand with the developer at the Hearing instead of defending the Official Plan.

Great personal and financial cost has been occasioned by the supporters of Our Neighbourhood in doing a job which should have been done by the City. This is an area that needs the leadership of the Mayor and the strong support of the Planning Department to ensure the long term protection of neighbourhoods whose importance is clearly described in the City’s Official Plan.

Finally, it is puzzling that the media has chosen not to cover the Hearing despite being sent a daily summary of events.

We now await the Decision of the Ontario Municipal Board.

For historic and ongoing information related to the Johnson Street Appeal, including these News Flashes, please visit the ‘Articles’ tab on our web site at: www.ourneighbourhood.ca.

We sincerely thank all of you who have supported us with memberships and donations and request your further support going forward, as we have not yet raised enough to cover the costs incurred to date, especially if you have not yet contributed. Our Neighbourhood‘s membership base has continued to grow during the Hearing and we now have 142 individual members registered, from 92 households. Once we have confirmed our costs related to the OMB Appeal, and the amount raised through memberships and donations, we will hold a general meeting to discuss the way forward.

Rob Fonger & John Dixon

7. Kingston School of Art – spring classes begin mid-April. For more info and program details see www.ksoa.

8. Seeking input to proposed building code changes – from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing regarding increasing number of storeys in wood construction.

Ontario CodeNews Issue 228 – Numéro 228 CodeNews

March 25, 2014

Proposed Amendments to the Building Code for Mid-Rise Wood Construction

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) is requesting feedback on proposed amendments to the Building Code to permit the construction of up to six storey wood-frame buildings. The Building Code currently permits the construction of up to four storey wood-frame buildings.
MMAH is seeking your views on these proposals. Stakeholders and the public have until May 4, 2014, to submit comments on the regulatory proposal posted to the Ontario Regulatory Registry. Click http://www.ontariocanada.com/registry/view.do?postingId=15462&language=en for more information on the proposed changes to the Building Code and to submit comments.

9. Porch Jazz – the annual Kingston Porch Jazz Parade is being planned to run through Williamsville on Sat June 21st. If you’re not familiar with the parade, check out the following links: http://kingstonjazzfestival.ca/event/porch-jazz/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN9_V7gwvLU. The Jazz Festival is looking for front porches on Chatham and York Streets. For more information contact Greg Tilson, Artistic Director, Kingston Arts Council www.artskingston.ca or greg@artskingston.ca 613-546-2787.

10. Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market – opens Sunday May 11th and runs from 9:00am to 2:00pm every Sunday. Come see your neighbours and friends at the market – where the farmers you meet grow the food you eat!