Williamsville Town Hall and Other Announcements

Dear Neighbours,

Spring time activities are starting to multiply, so please check out what is going on in and around Williamsville, including our upcoming Spring Town Hall. Please mark your calendars and hope to see you soon.

1. Williamsville Community Association Spring Town Hall – Wednesday April 12th

Our annual town hall meeting starts at 7:00pm at St. Luke’s Church Hall, 236 Nelson Street at Princess. Come and hear our guest speaker Ryan Leary, Heritage Planner with the City of Kingston, talk on heritage in Williamsville. There will also be a series of short updates and time to chat with Williamsville Councillor Jim Neill.


  1. Welcome and Introductions – Sue Bazely, Co-Chair
  2. Heritage in Williamsville -Ryan Leary, Senior Heritage Planner, City of Kingston
  3. Queen’s Alma Mater Society – Francis Campbell, AMS Municipal Affairs Commissioner
  4. Friends of the Memorial Centre – Richard Gold
  5. Kingston & District Agricultural Society – Yvonne Compton
  6. “Our Neighbourhood” Community Group – Rob Fonger
  7. 671 Brock St. School Site Development – John Clements
  8. Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market – Emma Barken
  9. Williamsville City Councillor – Jim Neill

The chair will allot time for questions to the various presenters.

2. Williamsville On-Street Parking Program update

City staff have prepared a summary of the consultation and comments received from residents and other stakeholders following the January meeting regarding the on-street parking program in the Williamsville neighbourhood. There were many questions at this session and in follow-up correspondence with residents of the Williamsville area. A digest of these questions along with information/answers prepared by City staff has been prepared to share with all those that have asked to be kept informed about the project. The primary themes around which comments have been provided or questions have been asked include:

  • the need for and goals of the program;
  • a desire for an on-street parking option to be available, especially by residents who do not have a parking option or live on a street that currently has restrictions;
  • the requirement for and associated cost of the residential parking permit;
  • the requirement for uniform time restrictions rather than alternate side parking;
  • the need for additional accessible parking spaces;
  • the impact of time of day restrictions on daycare operations.

The summary can be accessed on the City’s website.

Staff have considered these comments, completed a review of the permits fees, and explored best practices in other municipalities to refine the program recommendations that will be made to Council.

A staff report on this project is expected to go to a meeting of the City’s Environment, Infrastructure, and Transportation Policies Committee (EITP) on April 11th. The report will include the recommended changes that were presented at the January 11th meeting with an updated recommendation on the pricing of the residential permit. The update recommends that Council reduce the existing $30/month residential parking permit fee to $25/month and introduce a $12/month residential parking permit fee for those residents that do not have a driveway or on-site parking. This new $12 option is intended to further recognize that an affordable parking option for residents that do not have any parking, especially those that are low income, is an important aspect of the program.

More information about the general on-street parking program along with supporting information for the Williamsville (Area F) neighbourhood can be found at the project website. Ian Semple will provide an update after the EITP meeting.

3. “Our Neighbourhood” Meeting

Takes place Tuesday April 11th – at St. Luke’s Church Hall starting at 7:00pm. One of the topics will be the status of the former school property at Brock and Napier Streets.

4. Princess Street United Events

All events take place at 484 Albert Street, at Princess Street

  • Rummage Sale – Saturday April 22nd, 8:30 – 12:30 – books, light furniture, toys, spring & summer clothing, household items & more
  • Dessert & Card Party – Friday April 28th, 2:00 – 4:00pm – $8 – call 544-3259 or 542-6112
  • High Tea – Saturday May 13th, 2:00 – 4:00pm – $15 per person, all welcome. Hats & loves optional!

Please continue to support our Williamsville businesses and agencies to keep our community vibrant.

Contact us at williamsvilleca@gmail.com if you would like to get involved.