Our Mission

Logo by Nancy Douglas

Williamsville Community Association

Representing Businesses, Agencies and Residents

The Williamsville Community Association representing Businesses, Agencies and Residents primary objectives are to participate in decisions that affect our neighbourhood and to act in the best interests of businesses, agencies and residents, to bring community members together in forums, town hall meetings and neighourhood activities that will foster a strong Williamsville voice and means of response to changes in our electoral district. We will strive to recognize and preserve the character of Williamsville in the identification of historic and heritage aspects.

Our Goals at This Time

  • maintain a balance between the concerns of businesses/agencies and residents in the Williamsville electoral district;
  • to advocate for improvements that are in keeping with the character of the Williamsville electoral district;
  • to promote Williamsville as a ‘buy local’ sustainable neighbourhood in keeping with the vision of Kingston as a sustainable city; and
  • to join together with other Kingston community groups in common interest endeavours.