Williamsville Development

April Happenings

Dear Neighbours,

April is finally here, and there are a few things going on in and around Williamsville to take note of:

1. Thursday April 4 – Williamsville Main Street Study Public Meeting for the proposed Official Plan Amendment & Zoning By-Law Amendment to implement the recommendations of the Williamsville Main Street Study – 6:30pm Council Chambers, City Hall.

2. Events at St. Luke’s – 236 Nelson St. near Princess

  • Wednesday April 10th – Bridge & Luncheon 12 noon, $10 per person – call St. Luke’s to reserve a table 542-5501
  • Saturday April 13th – Used Media Sale 10am to 2pm – CD’s, records, video games, books, comics, posters etc plus bake sale, snacks, silent auction & live music
  • Saturday April 27th – Beef Dinner 6pm – $15 adults, $7.50 children under 12 – call St. Luke’s to reserve a table 542-5501

3. Saturday April 20th – Community Matters – Sustainable Kingston Community Forum 9am to 4pm Krock Centre, registration at 8am – www.sustainablekingston.ca for more information.

4. Monday April 22nd – Williamsville Community Association working group meeting. If you are interested in attending please contact us for details.

5. The Princess & Victoria Street development site plan will take place at Planning Committee likely near the end of April or beginning of May. Watch for announcements if you are interested in attending.

6. Sunday May 12 – Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market Opening Day – get ready to come out and meet your favourite farmers and crafters, get acquainted with old friends and meet some new ones along the way. The Farmers’ Market Association of Kingston invites you to be part of the Memorial Centre Farmer’s Market – become a supporting member, volunteer with promotions or market set up and take down, and buy local produce and hand made crafts.

7. Memorial Centre update – a recent staff report to the Memorial Centre Advisory Committee noted a recommendation for a community run ornamental garden at the corner of Alfred and York Streets based on the previously prepared M-Centre revitalization plan and comments from the community. To our knowledge people have been asking for more playground space as the current small playground cannot adequately accommodate the aquatic park overflow and is geared to younger children. In addition, a community garden for vegetable growing with a “Victory Garden” theme has also been put forward by Williamsville residents, but not for that location.  If you have comments contact Williamsville Councillor Neill jneill@cityofkingston.ca. The report can be seen at

8. Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation & KFL&A Public Health – invite you to participate in an active transportation survey – it doesn’t take long! Please click here to complete the online survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KCAT-Kingston-Community or access the survey from KCAT’s website: www.kcat.ca.

9. Utilities Kingston is conducting a Preventative Plumbing Program in various areas of the city including portions of Williamsville. You may have already received this letter. If you have not and are in the affected areas please read the details below.


March 15, 2013

Dear Homeowner,
Re.: Voluntary Compliance with the “Sewer Use By-law”

Utilities Kingston is implementing a number of initiatives and programs to help reduce sewage back-ups in the City of Kingston. This letter addresses voluntary compliance with the City of Kingston By-law 2008-192, the “Sewer Use By-law”, and associated financial assistance available to home owners through Utilities Kingston. Our goal is to assist homeowners by providing public education and assistance.

Why You Are Receiving This Notice
Due to recent extreme weather events, there have been considerable reports of sewage backups throughout the City of Kingston. Through the voluntary flood reporting tool available to home owners at www.utilitieskingston.com, we have identified areas with abnormally-high concentrated flooding reports within the City of Kingston.  You have been included in the mailing list for this letter because your home is located in one of these affected areas.
1.    Victoria St., Nelson St., Albert St. from Princess St. to Mack St.
2.    Durham St. including MacDonnell St. up to Princess St.
3.    Toronto St. from Durham St. to Park St, including Park St. from Toronto St. to Victoria St.
4.    Alamein Dr. including Westdale Ave. to Carruthers Ave.

Causes of Sewage Back-ups
A typical contributing factor to sewage backups in homes is a phenomenon called ‘extraneous flow’.  Extraneous flow is extra, unwanted water that is getting into the sanitary sewer. Sources of extraneous flow originate from both the public and private side. On the public side, examples include sewers with leaky joints and cross-connections with the storm sewer system. On the private side, examples include leaky sewer laterals, as well as plumbing that is illegally connected and discharging directly into the sanitary sewer system, including:
1.    illegal connection of a sump pump;
2.    illegal connection of eavestroughs downspouts, or;
3.    illegal connection of foundation drains or weeping tiles.

Collectively, extraneous flows can overwhelm the sewer system and cause sewage backups. While a potential illegal connection in your home might not cause your own basement to experience a backup, it can contribute to sewage backups in your neighbour’s home, or even homes further downstream in the sanitary sewage collection system. Learn more about the causes at http://www.utilitieskingston.com/Water/basementflooding/causes.aspx

What Utilities Kingston is Doing
Utilities Kingston manages an annual public-side extraneous flow program that works to reduce leaks on the sewer system on the public-side. Learn more at http://www.utilitieskingston.com/Water/basementflooding/city.aspx

The Homeowner’s Responsibilities
While Utilities Kingston is addressing the public-side issues, homeowners are required to address the private-side issues. Specifically, home owners are required to comply with the “Sewer Use By-law”.

Financial Assistance
Home owners who voluntarily comply with the “Sewer Use By-law” can apply for financial assistance to the Utilities Kingston Preventative Plumbing Program. Learn more about this program: http://www.utilitieskingston.com/Water/basementflooding/preventative.aspx

Requirements of the Homeowner

Upon reading this letter, you as the homeowner are expected to take the appropriate course of action. If your home has illegal connections to the sanitary sewer, you will need to rectify them as per the “Sewer-Use Bylaw”. Common examples are provided below: (refer to Figure 1. for legal plumbing configurations)
A.    If you have downspout(s) that enter the ground and flow into the sanitary sewer lateral, you need to disconnect these and discharge them elsewhere.  The lawn is usually the best spot, approximately 2.0 m away from your foundation.
B.    If you have existing sump pump(s), they must not pump into the sanitary lateral or your sanitary plumbing.  If they do, they need to be directed elsewhere, preferably to your lawn, at least 2.0 meters away from your home.  (This item may be eligible for the Preventative Plumbing Program for financial assistance.)
C.    If you know that your foundation drainage (weeping tile) is connected to the sanitary sewer, it needs to be captured by a sump pump instead, and pumped elsewhere. (This item may be eligible for the Preventative Plumbing Program for financial assistance.) For items B and C, home owners are encouraged to participate in the Preventative Plumbing Program. Utilities Kingston will provide you with up to 75% of the cost of making your property compliant with the “Sewer Use By-law” (for eligible works, terms and conditions apply).

By-law Enforcement (Beginning May 1, 2013 in your area)
While it is our preference that home owners voluntarily comply and gain advantage from the financial assistance program, Utilities Kingston will be enforcing the “Sewer Use By-law”, specifically targeting homeowners who are contributing to extraneous flows into the sanitary sewer system. A by-law enforcement officer will visit your area to conduct door-to-door checks, specifically looking for illegal connections and sources of extraneous flows coming from your property. The by-law officer has the right to enter and inspect your home, and the homeowner’s co-operation is appreciated. If illegal connections are identified, the “Sewer Use By-law” will be enforced and the home owner will be directed to bring their property into compliance. In the event that by-law enforcement is required, the financial assistance program will not be made available.

Further Information and Assistance

If you require further information and clarification, please contact me at (613) 546-1181 extension 2242 or by emailing PreventativePlumbing@utilitieskingston.com

I would be pleased to visit your home or property to assist you in assessing your situation and to advise on the Preventative Plumbing Program and whether or not your home is compliant, or not with “The Sewer Use By-Law”.  Don’t forget to also visit our extensive online resource on basement flooding at www.utilitieskingston.com/floodfacts

Yours truly,

Rob Bowen, C.E.T.
Preventative Plumbing Program Manager
Utilities Kingston

Nearly Spring Update

Dear Neighbours,

Spring is nearly upon us, the days are getting longer and there is lots coming up. Here are a few things regarding our Williamsville community and the broader Kingston community – please read to the end.

1. March Break at Kingston School of Art & More
March Break Art Camp at the Kingston School of Art is a fun week of creativity and friendship! In an enthusiastic environment, your child will have the opportunity to explore a variety of art medium including drawing, watercolours, acrylic painting, collage, printmaking, storytelling and illustration. Children will create fun art projects to keep them busy during the whole week. You can see their beautiful projects at the end-of-week art exhibition. 5-12 year olds. Single days $55.00 each or Full Week $250.00

Monday, March 11, to Friday, March 15, 2013, 9:00am – 4:30pm (Drop off – 8:45am)
Friday, March 22, 7 p.m. Free movie night at the Kingston School of Art. Join us for part 3 of the Great Courses series on the Louvre and its collections. This episode will cover some of the French artists whose work is in the Louvre. The series concludes at the end of April with a look at more French artists and their works.

Weekend Art Workshops at the Kingston School of Art, plus ongoing art courses for adults and youth, starting at frequent intervals. Check the webpage for details. www.ksoa.info

KSOA Kids Summer Art Camps: Your child will enjoy the creative experience of working in many art mediums as well as a fun filled day of games, outdoor activities & field trips (weather permitting). Weekly from July 2nd to Aug 30th 2013. Single days $55.00 each or Full Week $250.00

2. Kingston Bike Summit & Other Cycling News
Cycling in Kingston Public Forum – Monday, March 18, 2013, 7 – 9 p.m. in the Press Lounge at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour.
Come provide your input on improving cycling in Kingston. Listen to renowned speakers talk about cycle-friendly initiatives in other communities.
No registration required.

More information is available on www.sharetheroad.ca/kingston-bike-summit-s16338

Bike Summit – Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 8:00 am 4:30 pm in Wallace Hall, John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC), Queen’s University
In August 2012, the Share the Road Cycling Coalition awarded Kingston a Bronze Level award as part of its ‘Bike Friendly Communities’ program. To help Kingston work towards achieving a Silver level award, the Bike Summit will bring together community stakeholders in a discussion on how to improve cycling in Kingston.

The Summit offers a chance for community stakeholders to come together to build capacity, leverage relationships, and facilitate conversations around cycling in Kingston. This is an opportunity for members of Council, City employees, Tourism Kingston, Kingston Police Force, cycle advocates, bike retailers, area businesses, educational institutions and various community stakeholders to come together and learn about:
best practices,
inspiring success stories,
ongoing projects, and
provincial initiatives.

Lunch and a light breakfast will be served.
Full agenda and registration details are available at: www.sharetheroad.ca/kingston-bike-summit-s16338
3. Earth Hour Saturday March 23 – what are you doing? – perhaps a candlelit dinner or board game, a get together with friends, whatever you do, turn everything off and go dark between 8:30 and 9:30pm. Check the Earh Hour website at http://earthhour.org/WWF for ideas or head downtown for:

Kingston Unplugged Saturday March 23, 6:30 to 9:30 at the Market Square
Join Kingstonians celebrating Earth Hour together while raising awareness of environmental issues. The sixth Annual Kingston Unplugged Concert invites residents to enjoy performances by local artists, appearances by engaging speakers, sustainability displays, vendors and more; all at no cost and powered by solar and wind charged batteries. 

4. Williamsville General Town Hall Meeting in May –  planning is underway so please watch for further details on date, location and agenda.

5. Memorial Centre Market is gearing up to start in the spring. Watch for further details on the start date.

6. Princess & Victoria Development update – this development was recommended by the City planner and Planning Committee and approved by Council in early March despite the serious concerns raised by many neighbours –

Councillors Jim Neill and Liz Schell moved a motion that the Site Plan stage (normally a staff process) be held at Planning Committee due to the many concerns raised by neighbours and Williamsville residents regarding adherence to the Williamsville Main Street Study. Many Williamsville residents and property owners participated in the study and this will be the first major development to take place in Williamsville since the plan was adopted by Council. No date has yet been set for the Site Plan to come back to Planning Committee.

7. Proposed District Boundaries Re-alignment – new boundaries based on population distribution are being discussed. Several possibilities have been outlined, but the staff recommended option would see Williamsville be joined with Kingscourt to the north of us. We feel that it is important to keep the main street intact within one district so that the Williamsville Main Street Study will remain relevant.

8. City’s proposed Parkland By-Law – FYI: http://www.cityofkingston.ca/cityhall/committees/planning/agendas.asp This promises to reduce parkland requirements in the downtown in order to encourage development – and may have a profound effect on park space and park use in Williamsville.

Having trouble accessing any City report or any City info? Contact the clerk’s office.

Williamsville District Town Hall Meeting, November 15 2012

Welcome: Councilor Jim Neil welcomed approx. 50 people at his Town Hall meeting.

Williamsville Plan Update & Casino Process: Jim Neill introduced Commissioner Cynthia Beach who spoke to the Williamsville Plan and made the following points:

  • work will be done on street and sewer improvements in order to accommodate developments on Upper Princess St.

  • the Community Improvement Plan will include Williamsville brownfield areas and will recognize Victorian era heritage;

  • businesses, residents will be consulted re street design and bicycle lanes could be looked at;

  • a couple of development applications are in the works now.

Questions and comments:

– could Princess St. become a one-way street? Not sure, need to consult with Engineering Dept.

– goal to bike from one end of city to other, London a good example. Re bike lanes, get in touch

with ITP, KKAT or Jim Neill

  • could be parking on one side only? More parking might be needed in future and as a transition more emphasis on pedestrians and transit.

  • Drain grids a problem for cyclists. Put them in the sides of curbs as is being done now on Bath Rd.

  • info on bike routes when finalized could be put on billboards for everyone’s information

Casino: Commissioner Beach provided an overview of the provincial OLG process with different

Zones for casinos and partnerships with the private sector who will make proposals. The community must be a willing host and Kingston has approved a casino in principle although not downtown. There could be a response from OLG early next year.

Questions and comments:

  • could the Four Seasons Hotel become a gaming facility? No, as it is in the downtown.

  • what other sorts of games might there be? Volleyball?

  • will there be a referendum: No, there has been a public consultation process and there is policy that would be followed.

Wright Crescent Development: Jim Neill introduced Sheldon Laidman from the City’s Housing Department who made the following points:

  • 7 Wright Crescent (formerly a convent) is now owned by the City with the purpose of providing affordable housing. The property is about 2 acres, zoned residential and the building contains about 30/40 single rooms. Purchase price $1M. The building takes up about 1/6 of the property and is zoned for 69 units. There could be a private or non-profit partnership with the City. Affordable units would be a small piece of the development. There is a January time-frame. There is a staff recommendation and also input from the Homeless Committee. An RFP (Request for Proposal) could be used. First an RFI (Request for Information would go out. Then Council makes the decision. Public could also have input.

Questions and comments:

  • Is the City acting as a middle-man re development? Could working poor rent rooms? It

would seem wasteful to tear the building down. Answer: Options are needed. A bonus could be given to purchasers of the land so the City could take a 20% loss re employment land.

– So taxpayers lose? Is rental or home ownership considered? Answer: could be a mixture.

– What strings are there to ensure affordable housing development? When does public have in

input? Answer: At RFI stage, there are already policies in place. Public input could take

place at Council at time of RFP.

– 2 –

– City could make a profit, get the best deal? Answer: City could sell for more.

– Favour a seniors’ building. Answer: the Building has been well-maintained. The City

already has plentiful seniors’ housing. Affordable housing for young single people is needed.

– why doesn’t the City sub-divide the property and then would still have control? Answer: That

could happen. There is a need for sustainable affordable housing.

– when is RFI information available?

– Matthew Gventer spoke at length about the importance of affordable housing and said that

Co-op Housing is an excellent example. Affordable units should be sustainable and long-

lasting. It is important for the public to let Council members know what the issues are.

Property Standards & By-law Enforcement: Jim Neill introduced Steve Murphy who made the following points:

– By-law enforcement is complaint driven so it is important for people to call. Calls are treated

as anonymous. A few streets are identified as blitz survey areas by by-law officers. Streets in

Williamsville have recently been surveyed. Photographs of complaint areas are very useful.

– What can be done about a city-owned property that needs care? Answer: the City is exempt

from property standards so the manager of the building should be contacted. If I have done

that for many years with no results what else can I do? Answer: keep talking to the manager,

contact your Councilor.

Williamsville Community Association: Pat Hodge, co-chair along with Sue Bazely who was not able to be present, spoke to the formation of the Community Association, how it is structured and objectives attained. John Grenville spoke to the Association’s Development Watch Working Group and its membership in the Near Campus Neighbourhood Advisory Committee. A letter has been sent to the Heritage Committee asking for designation of Victoria Park as an Heritage Park and for designation of surrounding houses of merit. The Community Association’s Mission Statement was on display.

The meeting adjourned quite abruptly at about 9:30 pm with the lights being shut off since the meeting had run overtime at the Calvin Park Library.

December Update

Dear Neighbours,

As 2012 draws to a close there are a few upcoming items and ongoing things to keep an eye on.

1. Proposed development at 464 Frontenac St and 572-574 Princess St – for a three-storey 21 unit residential building incorporated into the existing commercial & residential. There is a Public Meeting at the Planning Committee on Thursday December 6th, 6:30pm at City Hall, Council Chambers to discuss this proposal You may speak at this meeting or send comments to Jason Budd jbudd@cityofkingston.ca within the next few weeks. The planning report and project proposal can be found at


2. The City is undertaking a review of the electoral boundaries, based on current and proposed development as it relates to projected population, in which Williamsville as we know it will disappear. The current preferred option has Williamsville becoming part of Sydenham to the south of us, while another option has the north half going with Kingscourt-Strathcona and the south half with Sydenham. Unfortunately, none of the presented scenarios have accounted for any of the student population, and completely discounts students. Councillor Neill has requested that student numbers be included in the estimates. Williamsville Community Association co-chairs plan to meet with Sydenham District and Kingscourt- Strathcona Community Associations early in 2013. For a look at the report and the maps illustrating the proposed boundaries (remember to blow the maps up really big) see

“Review of City of Kingston Electoral District (Ward) Boundaries Options For Re-Dividing The Existing Boundaries”
3. The Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market has a couple more weeks left for the 2012 season – Christmas goodies and crafts along with seasonably available produce on Sunday December 9th and Sunday December 16th 10am to 2pm weather permitting.

4. The Limestone District School Board accommodation review report still supports a mega high school at a central location between KCVI and QECVI. The next Public Meeting is January 15th, 2013, 6:30 to 10pm at LCVI 153 Van Order Drive. The report can be viewed at


The Senior Staff Report (pg. 62) states:
1.2. Consult with the City of Kingston and other organizations as appropriate to determine a site for the new composite school.

1.2.1. The new site be as equidistant as possible between the present locations of KCVI and QECVI;
1.2.2. Consideration of walkability by the students be included in the selection of a site for the new school; and
1.2.3. Consideration for programming enhancements through proximity to existing municipal athletic facilities and/or other artistic, recreational, cultural or educational community resources be included.

5. The Williamsville Community Association working group meets Monday December 3rd. If you are interested in attending please let us know.

November and December in Williamsville

Dear Neighbours:

Here are a few upcoming events and reminders for Williamsville. Sorry it’s another long one, but please read to the end.

  • November 15 Town Hall – Williamsville Councillor Jim Neill hosts a Town Hall meeting Thursday November 15 starting at 6:30pm at Calvin Park Library. Please note that the Williamsville Community Association will make a brief presentation on our activities since our last general meeting in May. The detailed agenda follows.
  • Development proposal for 652-663 Princess Street / 582-604 Victoria Street – this is the old Toyota lot at Victoria and Princess. Please take time to view this proposal and the planner’s report found on the City website within the context of the Williamsville Main Street Study which many of you participated in. Letters of opinion can be sent to the Planning Committee through Senior Planner Jason Budd jbudd@cityofkingston.ca over the next while. Several Williamsville residents and property owners attended the Planning Committee meeting last week and spoke about a variety of concerns, not against development in Williamsville. You are encouraged to continue participating in shaping our community.
  • Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market – reminder that the market continues on Sunday’s 10am to 2pm until December 16, weather permitting. There is still a variety of fresh produce, meat and prepared foods, as well as crafts and clothing available. Please come out and support our local suppliers.
  • Saturday November 24 – Australian Concert with Glenn Foster and Jason Pedherney at St. Luke’s, 2pm. Tickets $10 adults, $7 students available at the door or call 613-542-5501.
  • Saturday December 1 – Breakfast with Santa and St. Nicholas 9am to noon at St. Luke’s. Breakfast, games and songs, crafts and activities.
  • The former Hockey Museum building at the corner of Alfred and York Streets will be demolished in the upcoming months.
  • Since we’re moving towards the Christmas Season, remember to keep up with the “Buy Your Neighbourhood” campaign and support our Williamsville businesses and services.

Fall Update

Dear Neighbours:

There are several items coming up to mark on your calendar related to Williamsville and people of Williamsville. They appear according to priority rather than chronological order. If you know someone in Williamsville who would appreciate this information, please forward them this email.

1. Development proposal for Princess & Victoria – put the Williamsville Main Street Study to the test. A proposal for a 144 unit, 498 bedroom development will be presented to the Planning Committee on Thursday November 1, starting at 6:30pm in City Hall Council Chambers. This is a public meeting at which you may speak to voice your opinion. You may also submit your opinion in writing. We will post information at www.williamsville.ca as soon as it is available.

2. Memorial Centre Memorial Wall unveiling – will take place Tuesday October 30, 1:30pm RSVP lkimble@cityofkingston.ca or 613-546-4291 ext. 1715

3. Williamsville Town Hall – Councillor Jim Neill will host a Town Hall meeting on Thursday November 15, starting 6:30pm at Calvin Park Library. Your Williamsville Community Association will also hold a short meeting during this time. Details to follow.

4. Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market – great news, it’s extended! The fall season begins Sunday October 28 and continues until Sunday December 16. Please note the new hours of 10:00am to 2:00pm.

5. Bader International Study Centre – interested in what goes on in a castle? You can find out what is on at Herstmonceux Castle, Sussex UK by attending a variety of lectures at Queen’s U. starting this Wednesday October 24. Kingston archaeologist and Williamsville resident Sue Bazely will introduce the archaeology session on Tuesday October 30, 6:30pm Macdonald Hall on Union St. For details see http://www.queensu.ca/bisc/news/BISCatQueens2012.html

6. Public Forum on Alcohol Report – join the KFLA and keynote speaker Ann Dowsett Johnston on Monday November 5 from 6:30-9:00pm at Davies Hall, St. Lawrence College, 100 Portsmouth Ave.

7. St. Luke’s Australian Concert – with Glenn Foster and Jason Pedherney, Saturday November 24, 2:00pm at St. Luke’s Princess and Nelson Street. Tickets $10 adult, $7 student at the door or call 613-542-5501.

8. Roadworks scheduled for 2014 – it may seem like a long way off, but . . . get ready for Princess – Bath to MacDonnell, Drayton – Princess to Concession, Tower – Princess to Concession, Albert – Princess to just north of Mack, Frontenac – Jenkins to York.

Williamsville Fall events

Dear Neighbours:

Fall has begun with fabulous weather and there are a few things happening in and around the neighbourhood that you may be interested in.

First, a huge thank you to everyone who came out to the Memorial Centre Market and our Fall Fun Fit ‘n’ Food event last Sunday. It was indeed a fun time for all. Thanks to Main Street Market and Taylored Training for providing prizes for our race events, and to Cyclepath, KFLA Health Unit, Cycle Kingston Inc. and the Market Vendors for sharing healthy lifestyle information and showing off what they do best!

1. Watch for an extended market period from October 28 to December 16.

2. Friday September 28 at 7:00pm – Kingston School of Art movie showing of “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Free event at the corner of Princess and Victoria Street.

3. Saturday September 29 at 7:30pm – Celtic music concert at Unitarian Place 206 Concession Street. Ticket $15 at the door.

4. Deadline for application is September 30 – Do you know a local student who is 19-25 and interested in sustainability in Kingston?

Sustainable Kingston wants to cover the costs (accommodation, transportation, food) for 2 local students to attend either IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training Program for Emerging Leaders (Ottawa, ON) or IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training Program for Emerging Leaders (Guelph, ON).

5. Sunday October 14 at 7:00pm – “The Faithful Friends” concert at St. Luke’s. Tickets $10.

6. Saturday November 3 from 10:00am to 2:00pm – St. Luke’s annual bazaar and luncheon. Lunch is 11am-1pm $7.

Sep 23: Fall Fun Fit ‘n’ Food, Summer Updates

Dear Neighbours:

As summer draws to a close and we get back into the fall routine please remember to check for what’s happening in Williamsville. Here are a few items.

1. Fall Fun Fit ‘n’ Food – Sunday September 23, 11am to 1pm – come and take part in the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market where there will be healthy living demos and info, old fashioned races (and prizes), and chef demo using market produce – sponsored by the Williamsville Community Association and hosted by the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market.


  • 11:00 – 11:30   healthy living demos and info
  • 11:30 – 12:00   old fashioned races
  • 12:00 – 12:30   chef demo
  • 12:30 – 1:00    healthy living demos and info

Join us for healthy living demos & info by various Williamsville health and fitness related businesses and organizations, and Market vendors, including the KFLA Health Unit.

Old fashioned races organized by WCA

    • egg & spoon
    • three-legged
    • sack jumping
    • leap frog

Come for the fun and the food – where the farmers you meet grow the food you eat!

2. Bicycle lanes on Princess Street – you may recall that a request was made by Williamsville Councillor Jim Neill to look at including bicycle lanes on Princess Street through Williamsville as part of the Williamsville Main Street Study. At the September 11 Environment, Infrastructure, Transportation Policy Committee meeting, City staff recommended that no bike lanes be put on Princess St. through Williamsville (Option B). Option A was to put in bike lanes as a pilot project. The vote was a tie and therefore defeated. Option B was to do nothing which was also a tie vote and therefore defeated. It goes to Council on October 2 and you may wish to make you view known on this matter by writing to or calling city council members.

Read the full staff report.

3. Next Williamsville Community Association Working Group meeting – will be held Monday October 22. If you are interested in getting involved please let us know.

4. Williamsville Town Hall – to be held later in November. Details to be sent in the future.

Williamsville Summer Update

Dear Neighbours:

Summer Cool Down – We hope that you are enjoying this hot summer. To keep cool why not try the M-Centre aquatic park and splash pad or sit in the shade of the trees in the Memorial Garden or Linear Park? Don’t forget the lovely shade in Victoria Park and the wading pool. For those with more energy there are tennis courts in Victoria Park and Compton Park.

Farmers’ Market at the M-Centre – The Farmers’ Market continues to be busy each Sunday. The vendors look forward to seeing you and sharing the fruits of their labour, so do visit them from 9:00am to 2:00pm every Sunday.

Williamsville Working Group – After a short break the working group resumes its meetings this Tuesday August 7th. We encourage you to get involved as we plan for our fall and winter activities. Please contact us if you are interested in attending.

St. Luke’s September Events – our friends at St. Luke’s (236 Nelson Street) have several activities upcoming in September.

  • September 2nd – 11:30 to 1:30 free community bbq at Good Shepherd Mission 46 Cowdy St. sponsored by Kingston North Anglican Ministries.
  • September 19th – 12:00 noon luncheon & bridge party at St. Luke’s, call to reserve a table 542-5501 or 548-3096. Admission $10.
  • September 28th – 5:00 to 7:00 pm Fish Fry at St. Luke’s, reserve tickets at office Mon. to Fri. 9:00 to noon or 542-5501, $15.

Enjoy the Civic Holiday weekend!

Williamsville Community Association
representing Businesses, Agencies & Residents