Williamsville Main Street Study

Spring Time

Dear Neighbours,

Soon we welcome spring and people will spend more time outdoors in our Williamsville neighbourhood. We hope you will continue to enjoy what we have in our community and support our local organizations and businesses. Here are some activities and opportunities.

1. Bridge & Luncheon – Wednesday April 13th

Noon at St Luke’s Church Hall 236 Nelson Street. Tickets are $10 per person, please call 613-542-5501 to reserve a table.

2. Archery Lessons start April 16th

If you’ve ever wanted to try archery, you can do it right in Williamsville with the Kingston Archery Club. For details and registration go to http://kingstonarcheryclub.org/

3. Williamsville Community Association Annual Town Hall – Monday April 18th

Starting at 7:00pm hosted by Don Cherry’s Bar & Grill, 692 Princess Street near Victoria. Join us for:

  • A retrospective on the Williamsville Main Street Study – Greg Newman, City of Kingston
  • An update on Williamsville happenings in the past year – WCA
  • Rebuilding a business in Williamsville – Don Cherry’s Bar & Grill
  • Development plans update – Podium Developments
  • Q & A with Williamsville Councillor Jim Neill
  • Social time with your neighbours

Come out and enjoy an informative evening in the newly opened Don Cherry’s.
We encourage you to take out membership for 2016 at this time.

4. Meet Racing Legend Mario Andretti – Thursday May 5th

Right here in Williamsville at Fielding’s Tire & Auto, your Firestone dealer, 900 Princess St. from 10:45am to 12:30pm http://www.fieldingstireauto.ca/

5. Jane’s Walk – May 7th and 8th

Walks are taking place in a variety of Kingston locations.
Jane’s Walk is an annual international event, named for the late Jane Jacobs who was an urbanist and activist whose writings championed a fresh, community-based approach to city building. Here’s a 1957 quote from her when living in New York:

No one can find what will work for our cities by … manipulating scale models, or inventing dream cities. You’ve got to get out and walk.

She later moved to Toronto where she lived until her death in 2006.
“You’ve got to get out and walk” underpins the annual weekend event, held in early May to coincide with Jane Jacobs’s birthday. But “walk” is interpreted liberally, as Jane Jacobs meant that one had to get around under human power. So bicycles, tricycles, scooters and other human-moved wheels are also welcome on some of the Jane’s Walks that people create.

In 2015, there were 5 walks in Kingston on Jane’s Walk weekend. You can still see them on the Jane’s Walk website at http://janeswalk.org/canada/kingston/ even though they were held last year. This year we will be doing a walk of Williamsville’s Main Street.

Stay tuned! The website will be updated as further plans firm up. But you don’t need to just wait for information from this e-newsletter or the website. Do you have an idea for a walk? Would you like to contribute to building community by creating a walk?

6. Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market

Continues indoors at Princess Street United, corner of Princess and Albert, Sundays from 10am to 2pm. Great selection of local foods and crafts, entertainment and kids activities http://www.memorialcentrefarmersmarket.com/

The next Williamsville Community Association working group meeting takes place Monday March 21st. Please contact us if you are interested in attending and getting involved.

Williamsville Town Hall Meeting: April 20, 2015

Sue Bazely, co-chair of the Williamsville Community Association, welcomed those present and provided an introduction. She referred to our Mission Statement on view and called attention to the logo designed by local artist, Nancy Douglas.


Sue Bazely reviewed activities during the past year that included:

  • A reference to the BIG FIRE at Princess and Victoria Sts. noting that there continue to be concerns re the damage caused by the fire and consequent costs. She noted that the Fire Marshal’s Report is long overdue.
  • Involvement with Queen’s University included input from Catherine Wright, Queen’s AMS Municipal Affairs Commissioner, who attended our Planning Group meetings and provided information re the naming of the University District, observance of by-laws, garbage collection, recycling and housing. Ariel Gonzalez took over from Catherine Wright as the new Municipal Affairs Commissioner and was a valuable liaison with Queen’s as he provided much to our meetings. John Grenville and Joan Bowie of the Williamsville Association Planning Group attended meetings and provided in put re the Queen’s Master Plan. They also interact with Queen’s through the Near Campus Neighbourhoods Advisory Committee.
  • Involvement with Williamsville Business Owners continues to be a priority. Meetings were arranged with KEDCO and with DOWNTOWN KINGSTON BIA to discuss ways and means of involving business owners who suffered through a long summer of street disruptions due to sewer and water supply improvements.
  • Association Membership with a fee of $10 was presented and endorsed at the Town Hall Meeting in April 2014. Recruitment of members is ongoing and we are looking for someone to serve as membership secretary.
  • Planning for Fall, Fun, Fit’n Food Event on September 13 this year with Joan Bowie looking for sponsors and participants. Last year’s event took place in a heavy downpour but the activities took place and we thank Joan Bowie for her hard work as she got quite wet but continued to sell tickets for prizes.
  • Development Watch Activities with leadership from John Grenville resulted in a lobbying effort directed to our City Councillors with regard to a high density purpose-built development proposed for 495-513 Frontenac St. The Councillors turned the development down but there is a May Ontario Municipal Board hearing filed by developer Jay Patry.
  • Involvement with Other Community Groups is a priority with our Association and we welcomed members of SAVE OUR SCHOOLS and THE AGRICULATURAL ASSOCIATION to a June Meeting. A joint meeting in December was held with the SYDENHAM DISTRICT ASSOCIATION and we are also in contact with THE KINGSCOURT COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION. A future meeting with all community associations is planned to co-ordinate our activities.
  • Jane Jacob’s Walks will take place on May 2 and 3 with walks happening in McBurney Park on Bagot St., Barriefield Village, the Inner Harbour and the Memorial Centre. John Grenville was thanked for taking the lead in co-ordinating the walks. The website for Jane’s Walks can be found here.
  • Memorial Centre Farmers’Market continues to thrive and attract more Kingstonians wanting to buy locally grown food. The new season begins on May 13, Mother’s Day. Joan Bowie is now on the Farmers’ Market Board of Directors taking over from Sue Bazely.


Pat Hodge, co-chair of the Association, spoke to the merits of paid memberships in the Association citing the need for the financial ability to pay rental costs for our Town Hall meetings, the need for money to put on more and enhanced community activities such as the Fall, Fun, Fit’n Food Event, and the need to fund possible involvements in Ontario Municipal Board hearings in order to maintain our stable neighbourhoods.

Some funding is also needed to help Williamsville Princess St. business owners to come together to form a united body in order to strengthen and market these businesses.


  • Kid’s Triathlon: Jason Trueman spoke about the Kid’s Triathlon, June 20th, Memorial Centre, 303 York St. for kids, 4-13 yrs. He mentioned the closing of Nelson St. except for local traffic in order to keep kids safe. Police will be in attendance as well as many volunteers. It is hoped this will be an annual event. Registration is on now.
  • Farmers’ Market: Joan Bowie spoke of the Market’s Opening on May 10 from 9 am to 2 pm. There is an increase in the number and variety of vendors as well as an increase in those buying locally grown foods.

She is soliciting for sponsors for increased market events. Cycle Kingston will be at the Market on May 31


Ariel Gonzalez provided a PowerPoint display display that included the following headings;

  • The naming of the near campus neighbourhoods as the University District. Phase 1 has been in place for a year and has resulted in the dropping of the former designation as the Student Ghetto. Phase 2 extending the University District area will take place during the coming year and includes part of the Williamsville District.
  • The Neighbourhood Improvement Plan involves Marketing and Communications, Town Gown Relations, Sustainability, Student Housing and Community Safety.

Town Gown Relations included a successful Fall Queen’s Reunion that featured a street festival on Union St. This was largely judged to be a big improvement over previous Fall Reunions.

Sustainability included a Recycling Bin Giveaway, the AMS Busit Program, the Scramble Crossing at Union and University Avenue, a Greenovations Committee and a Bikes and Boards Shop.

Marketing and Communications included 112 new Street signs re the University District designation, the University District Facebook Page, Residence Posters, Orientation Week Address and Print Media

Student Housing included Housing Talks, University District Housing Website, a Housing Grievance Centre, Student Maintenance and Resource Team and University District Urban Design Study.

Community Safety included the University District Brite Program, Walkhome, Blue Light Messaging, SeQure App, and Holiday House Check.

There was interest in the SmartTeam doing neighbourhood clean-ups and some of those present indicated that they might like to sign up for this service.

Matt (didn’t get his last name), the new AMS Municipal Affairs Commissioner, was present at the Town Hall and was invited to attend our monthly Planning Group meetings.


Donna Gillespie, Marketing Manager, provided and spoke to a PowerPoint presentation of KEDCO’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020 KINGSTON 20/20 with the goal of 5,000 jobs and $500 Million new investment.

  • now there is growth of about 600-700 jobs per year and $60M GDP growth
  • high growth potential: Agri-Business/Food Processing, Information Communication Technology, Defence and Security, R & D, Small Business, Green Chemistry, Healthcare, Tourism, and Innovation
  • existing sector strengths are: Food and Beverage, Government Services, Healthcare, Education, Logistics and Distribution, Chemicals, Small Business, Tourism and R & D.
  • KEDCO’s MISSION: Provide dynamic and collaborative leadership by leveraging Kingston’s unique assets to create jobs and investment in order to sustain, grow and transform Kingston’s economy to meet the needs of the 21st century. We aim to be one of Canada’s leading economies. (KEDCO Presentation Slides)

KEDCO’s Core Area of Focus are Business Marketing and Tourism Marketing and Development with Business Support Services provided.

KEDCO measures its performance with jobs created/retained, amount of new investment in Kingston, consultations and business assists, sales calls/company visits, economic impact of events and opportunities created.

In reply to questions re KEDCO’s role in striving to keep graduating Queen’s and St. Lawrence College students in Kingston, Ms. Gillespie replied that there is active liaison with both and that the ability to keep students here depends on jobs available.

There is interest in revitalization what is called the “old industrial area” and recognition of its potential.


Rachel Quitcat of the City’s Planning Department provided a PowerPoint presentation:

  • the Planning Act requires a 5-year update of the City’s Official Plan and that involves:
  • the incorporation of past studies recommendations
  • engage stakeholders on issues and opportunities
  • enhance the Official Plan: orderly growth, good development, responsible conservation, continued prosperity and high quality of life to 2036.

Work completed and underway is taken into account and a Background Report will be presented to the Planning Committee on May 21.

Provincial Planning issues include: setting minimum density targets to promote compact development, new environmental mapping, climate change and natural hazards, promoting on-farm economic development and protecting cultural heritage and archaeological resources.

Local Planning issues include: continue revitalization and intensification, enhance urban design and innovative building design, protection for stable neighbourhoods, strengthen cultural heritage policies, strong guidance for converting employment land, planning for affordable housing, strong guidance for estate residential development, re-examine woodland mapping and policies and strive to be Canada’s most sustainable city.

There is a need for 24 more hectares of employment (industrial) land.

The Official Plan Review Process invites response from the community with the OP webpage update.

Ms. Quitcat responded to a question re the Williamsville Main St. Study to say that the Study is already implemented into the Official Plan. The by-laws are to be incorporated by next year.


Architects’ drawings were on view showing the buildings to be erected at University and Princess St.

Bernard Luttmer said that they were pleased that City Council has given the development unanimous approval and construction is to begin in the summer of gateway landmark buildings. A new team of architects, Sweeny & Co. has been engaged as they specialize in integrating buildings into the community. Park space was shown with 343’ of frontage and an area of 8,000 sq. ft. Hope was expressed that the City might add to the park space.

Those present gathered to view the drawings and to ask questions. Reaction seemed to be favourable.


Councilor Jim Neill praised Podium Development for their provision of significant park space. He said that too often money in lieu of park space ended up developing park space at sites other than that being developed.

In answer to a question re the decision concerning closure of KCVI and QECVI, he spoke of a plan B that would see QECVI developed as an education centre. (Since then, the Limestone Board of Education decided to build both an elementary school and a new high school on the QECVI site.)

He spoke favourably of the Council’s priorities and said that he expected more progress in comparison with the previous Council’s term that seemed to focus on projects with a lot of time spent on the casino issue and the district boundaries.

The Town Hall adjourned at approximately 9:30 pm.

Fall Update

Dear Neighbours:

There are several items coming up to mark on your calendar related to Williamsville and people of Williamsville. They appear according to priority rather than chronological order. If you know someone in Williamsville who would appreciate this information, please forward them this email.

1. Development proposal for Princess & Victoria – put the Williamsville Main Street Study to the test. A proposal for a 144 unit, 498 bedroom development will be presented to the Planning Committee on Thursday November 1, starting at 6:30pm in City Hall Council Chambers. This is a public meeting at which you may speak to voice your opinion. You may also submit your opinion in writing. We will post information at www.williamsville.ca as soon as it is available.

2. Memorial Centre Memorial Wall unveiling – will take place Tuesday October 30, 1:30pm RSVP lkimble@cityofkingston.ca or 613-546-4291 ext. 1715

3. Williamsville Town Hall – Councillor Jim Neill will host a Town Hall meeting on Thursday November 15, starting 6:30pm at Calvin Park Library. Your Williamsville Community Association will also hold a short meeting during this time. Details to follow.

4. Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market – great news, it’s extended! The fall season begins Sunday October 28 and continues until Sunday December 16. Please note the new hours of 10:00am to 2:00pm.

5. Bader International Study Centre – interested in what goes on in a castle? You can find out what is on at Herstmonceux Castle, Sussex UK by attending a variety of lectures at Queen’s U. starting this Wednesday October 24. Kingston archaeologist and Williamsville resident Sue Bazely will introduce the archaeology session on Tuesday October 30, 6:30pm Macdonald Hall on Union St. For details see http://www.queensu.ca/bisc/news/BISCatQueens2012.html

6. Public Forum on Alcohol Report – join the KFLA and keynote speaker Ann Dowsett Johnston on Monday November 5 from 6:30-9:00pm at Davies Hall, St. Lawrence College, 100 Portsmouth Ave.

7. St. Luke’s Australian Concert – with Glenn Foster and Jason Pedherney, Saturday November 24, 2:00pm at St. Luke’s Princess and Nelson Street. Tickets $10 adult, $7 student at the door or call 613-542-5501.

8. Roadworks scheduled for 2014 – it may seem like a long way off, but . . . get ready for Princess – Bath to MacDonnell, Drayton – Princess to Concession, Tower – Princess to Concession, Albert – Princess to just north of Mack, Frontenac – Jenkins to York.

Monday May 30 7-9pm: Williamsville Town Hall

Dear Neighbours:

Welcome to all those who recently signed on to the Williamsville e-list. We now have 145 on the list and it keeps growing.

Williamsville Town Hall Meeting:
Our Town Hall meeting is Monday May 30 from 7 to 9pm at the Memorial Centre, Rotunda. This is an opportunity to catch up on what’s happening and ask questions.

The flyer below was distributed to Williamsville residents, businesses and agencies this month and we hope you will help pass on the word to your friends and neighbours. The media release, which should give us a broader distribution is at the end of this message.

Join us on May 30 at The Memorial Centre

City M-Centre Update:

For those not on the city Memorial Centre distribution list, the following was sent out May 13:

Dear Friends and Neighbours of the Memorial Centre,
It won’t be long until the Memorial Centre will be the host to an unprecedented variety of activities as well as home for many community initiatives. It’s amazing how far this facility has come in the past 3 years and you as a community, should be very proud of the contribution you have made in reshaping this venue. It’s an impressive list;

  • Accessible Walking Paths – Community Gardens Office
  • Off-leash Dog park, shade structure – New Memorial Gardens
  • Local Hockey Leagues – Softball Diamonds
  • Men’s University Hockey – Women’s University Hockey
  • A Splash Pad – Zero Entry Pool
  • Lazy River Pool – Pollinator Garden
  • 10m Waterslide – Diving Pool
  • 25m swimming pool – Shade structures and lounge chairs
  • Running Track – Memorial Walls
  • The Fall Fair – Kingston Agricultural Society Office

News from our contractor confirms we are on-schedule with construction and we will be ready for the scheduled Grand Opening of the Outdoor Aquatic Centre on Friday, June 24 @ 1:30pm. Construction activity and debris will start to be removed as we get closer to the opening. More information on the Grand Opening will be provided in early June.

We will be erecting a number of signs intended to control traffic, parking, access, facility rules as well as warnings of prosecution for anyone who is caught damaging or defacing the property. We sincerely appreciate those of you who have assisted us by letting us know about damage and graffiti when it occurs. We hope you will continue to keep us apprised of such activities once construction is completed.

With summer approaching, we are pleased to reward your patience with the end of this phase of construction and the opening of the new Outdoor Aquatic Centre.

Construction will begin on the Pollinator Garden near the retaining wall on the west end of the walking path by the end of May. Utilities have been located and the sod will be removed to allow for the plantings.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by return email or by calling Terry Shea at 613-546-4291 ext. 3124.

Have a great summer,
Terry Shea Shea,Terry [tshea@cityofkingston.ca]
Rural Affairs &
Promotions Coordinator
Recreation & Leisure
City of Kingston

Williamsville Town Hall Media Release:

Williamsville Community Association FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Contact: Susan M. Bazely
Tel: 613-453-9644
Email: sue@bazely.ca


Residents of Williamsville will be asked for their input at a town hall meeting on Monday May, 30 from 7 to 9 in the rotunda of the Kingston Memorial Centre on York Street. Agenda topics include revitalization of the Williamsville part of Princess Street and “Buy You Neighbourhood” initiative.

Williamsville, bordered by Concession, Division and Johnson Streets and Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard is going through a period of revitalization. “We are excited about all the changes at the Memorial Centre property,” says Pat Hodge, Chair of the Williamsville Community Association, “we would like to build on these improvements,” she added. A large panoramic painting entitled The Field by Williamsville artist Nancy Douglas will help remind attendees of the transformation that has taken place in the past two years. Association member Sue Bazely will also introduce an initiative to support businesses in the Williamsville area. “Our ‘Buy Your Neighbourhood’ is designed to show residents that all their needs can be met by shopping locally. In fact, we are giving local companies and agencies an opportunity to set up displays at the town hall meeting.” Jim Neill, Councillor for Williamsville notes that attendees will learn about the initiative for a community garden where residents can have a plot of land to grow vegetables. The Association will also report, through Brook McIlroy Inc. consultants, on plans for the revitalization of Princess Street between Division Street and Bath Road.

The Williamsville Community Association is a volunteer committee representing the interests of businesses, agencies and residents in the Williamsville community.

April 6: WIlliamsville Main Street Study Open House

The public and affected stakeholders are invited to attend an upcoming open house for the Williamsville Main Street Study. Williamsville’s Main Street refers to the 1.7 km stretch of Princess Street between Division Street and Bath Road/Concession Street – the area is now the subject of an urban design study aimed at revitalizing this section of the city’s downtown.

  • Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2011
  • Time: 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
  • Location: St. Luke’s Anglican Church, 236 Nelson Street

The consulting team of Brook McIlroy Inc. will be presenting its findings to date, and they will lead participants in an interactive discussion about issues relating to the Study Area. They will also be on hand to answer questions, and collect and respond to your comments and issues with the Main Street area.
If you have any questions related to this project, or would like to be added to a contact list to receive updates on the study, please contact the Planning and Development Department of the City at 613-546-4291, ext. 3180, or williamsvillestudy@cityofkingston.ca.